The borehole clinic


Borehole Clinic is one of the leading borehole drilling contractors in Zimbabwe. Established 5 years ago, the company uses modern, state-of-art Rotary Drilling Rigs and Compressors all using Down The Hole (DTH) drilling method, clearly putting us ahead of the competition in the drilling industry. Borehole Clinic has a combined staff experience of over 20 years in the industry and has been performing drilling works in Zimbabwe years.

With this experience in mind, we have extensive knowledge in the field of borehole drilling and understand requirements of specific customers as well as projects. The company has been involved in a number of projects involving evaluation, baseline studies, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment, project design and proposal development, community need


Our borehole drilling process

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What makes us different?

in drilling and maintenance of boreholes, wells and irrigation systems

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At BC, we have a sound background and expertise in the areas of Borehole drilling, Borehole design, Ground work, Borehole pump equipping, Borehole rehabilitation, Water treatment, Pump testing and installation..

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